An Introduction to the StatCrab Team

Learn a little more about us, our history and policy of free, reliable customer service.

Now that Daniel has got our introduction out the way - I’d like to say hello myself. I think it’s important when working with a business that claims to be offering an ethical service that you understand the people behind the product, and their motivations.

So, My name is Rob, Hello! I’ve got the dubious privilege of being Daniel’s brother. Dan’s wife Sarah even makes our artwork, so StatCrab is a family business in the truest sense of the word.

We’ve been making designing websites and apps for many years, Dan working on the backend and me working on front-end and the marketing. We like to create sites to fill in real world problems that we discover as we grow our own business.

When a business our sister owned needed an online booking service, we created Booking Ninja which is now used by hundreds of restaurants and cafes across the world. When we were networking at expos and needed a quick way to share information, we created one-page website social platform, Deets.

So that’s how StatCrab was born! We’ve always run our businesses openly and fairly, and it was beginning to feel strange that we’d promise our customers an honest, transparent relationship while using something like Google Analytics which was gathering so much data that we didn’t even need.

With the news increasingly covering larger and larger piracy violations and customers starting to care more than ever about who has their data and why, it’s great to be able to offer our service as a simpler and more ethical Google Analytics alternative.

Running a customer focused business isn’t just about privacy though, so I also wanted to take some time to talk about our approach to customer feedback.

Free Customer Service, Always

We offer free customer service to all customers, always. That means that even our free accounts have direct access to support. We think that no matter how much you pay, it’s really important when you’re working with things like analytics to be able to speak to someone at any point. It also keeps us in constant contact with our customers.

Dan and I can be contacted via Intercom, Twitter, Email and Discord if you have any questions at all. We try to make sure to respond to all questions as quickly as possible, no matter what type of account you have.

Beyond customer service, we’d be hugely grateful for your feedback, too. You can give us feedback on all the same channels as support, or if you don’t want to chat you can simply send up feedback at our customer feedback service, Harken.

We’re a very small team, which means we’re fast, agile and we build quick. We don’t just take feedback on board, but we actively act on it. In our experience, the best sites are designed not just for users but with them, using feedback and feature suggestions to create something that serves everyone.

That’s especially important as a new product, so we think over the next few weeks and months you’ll see us adding a variety of additional features and options which I’ll cover in greater detail as they get released.

Thanks for reading! If you do have any questions, you can pop by Discord and I’d be happy to answer them.