2021 - The year of privacy

Analytics has changed through the ages, and with StatCrab we want to bring it to it's core - giving you understanding to your business, not giving us your customers data.

I’ve been making websites for the past nearly 20 years, and given that I’m still at the relatively young (let me have this) age of 30, it’s fair to say that web development is part and parcel of who I am.

In that time I’ve used countless analytics platforms from Web Counter through to Google Analytics and watched as each has become more complex and involved in tracking more and more data.

I’m not nostalgic for the old days of analytics, but I am excited for the new era of privacy.

Welcome to StatCrab

We created StatCrab because I believe in ethical companies making small steps to make a better, more powerful world. To do this, we need to uncouple our businesses as much as possible from huge tech without losing the information we need to keep growing and improving our own companies.

StatCrab’s overriding design philosophy is simple – put privacy first. We give you what data do you need to make informed business decisions, but not at the expense of anyone’s privacy.

Our philosophy is simple:

  • We aim to provide as much actionable data as possible without the data being trackable to a single person.
  • We don’t track information just because we can, and we don’t track between websites.

When you visit a site with Google Analytics on it, Google adds that to a profile it builds about you. They use that data to build up their own services about your customers, which is why their product is “free”.

When you place that Google Analytics tracking code on your website, you are not just getting customer data for yourself but helping Google to gather it for themselves and just how much of that data do you really need or use?

If you are someone who needs to get an overview of your site and social media profiles in a way which is quick, easy to understand and privacy focused, StatCrab is the perfect tool for you.

We built StatCrab for our own internal analytics and we’re going to continue to improve the product based on your feedback. Over the coming months we’ll be expanding our product to cover more data points while keeping true to our privacy-first focus.

We also believe a privacy focused web can’t start right out of the door at a price.

Small businesses need a break now more than ever and that’s why we offer a free plan, meaning you can get started tracking your visitors right now. Have any questions, comments or suggestions? Then you’ll find us on LiveChat throughout the day, free customer or paid.

And for our first 100 sign-ups, we’ll be offering our paid plans, free, for life as we work on developing our product. Simply sign-up and you’ll get access to all our features with no tracking limits.

We’re here to support you in moving to a privacy centric mindset.

And finally for now, we’ll keep this blog updated with new features and stories that peak our interest in the privacy and analytics.

Thanks for reading! Daniel.